Beat the Crowd shows how you can think like a pro—with no academic training or boring how-to manuals required!

Bestselling author Ken Fisher’s new book goes back to his roots to cover how you can be a crowd-beating contrarian investor.

Many misunderstand contrarianism. They believe it means doing the opposite of everyone else. If the masses are bullish, the contrarians are bearish, and vice versa.

Few realize these supposed contrarians form their own crowd that behaves as herd-like as the masses they’re trying to outsmart. Avoiding the masses’ follies requires seeing through both crowds, thinking differently and discovering viewpoints neither crowd can fathom.

As founder and Executive Chairman of Fisher Investments, Ken Fisher oversees assets for more than 175 institutions worldwide and tens of thousands of individual investors. In this, his 11th book, he shares the philosophy and tactics he uses to advise clients.

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Beat the Crowd in the Press



Wake Up to Money
BBC Radio, 6/26/2015
Tips on making it as an investor from Ken Fisher, the fund manager who started with $250 and is now a billionaire.
Markets Don't Think Long-term
CNBC Squaw Box Europe, 6/26/2015
Ken Fisher, founder and CEO of Fisher Investments, says markets rarely think beyond short-term events.
Ken Fisher Reveals His Market-Beating Secrets
Think Advisor, 6/01/2015
In his new book, the value investor discusses how to think in ways that lead to big-time investing success.
A Billionaire Explains What Investors Always Get Wrong
The Washington Post, 5/22/2015
Traders often look at the news to anticipate what their next move should be. But Ken Fisher says the trick to navigating the market successfully is to tune it all out.
Advice from a billionaire
Fox 5 Business, 5/13/2015
When a billionaire offers you investing advice, you'd be wise to take it. Ken Fisher is on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, with a net worth of nearly $3 billion. In his new book "Beat the Crowd," Fisher explains how to cut through all the noise and make more money on the markets by gaming the herd to your own benefit.
A Billionaire Investor’s Advice
CNNMoney, 4/22/2015
It seems all investors are worrying about something these days. The Fed rate hike, Greece, the strong U.S. dollar, China's slowdown. The list goes on. Billionaire investor Ken Fisher says ignore it all.
Billionaire Investor Ken Fisher Shares His Secrets to Get Rich
ABC News Real Biz, 4/22/2015
Fisher says ignore the masses to get ahead in his new book "Beat the Crowd" on ABC News Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Out-invest the Market: Ken Fisher
CNBC, 4/21/2015
Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments CEO, discusses his new book "Beat the Crowd: How You Can Out-vest the Herd by Thinking Differently" on The Closing Bell with Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth.
Best  Places to ‘Beat The Crowd’ Are Outside U.S Says Ken Fisher
The Street, 4/21/2015
Most investors think that a smart contrarian play is to head in the opposite direction of the market, but the best way to outperform the herd is to head where there is no herd at all, said Ken Fisher, author of 'Beat the Crowd.'
Traders Never Get this Right
NBC News, 4/21/2015
Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments CEO, provides perspective on rising rates and the market.



Ken Fisher


About Ken Fisher

  • Wrote Forbes "Portfolio Strategy" column from 1984 through 2016 – the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s history.
  • Recognized as one of the 30 most influential individuals in the investment industry over the last 30 years2
  • Author of 11 books, including 4 New York Times bestsellers
  • Founder & Executive Chairman of Fisher Investments, a multi-billion dollar independent, fee-only investment adviser.
  • Self-made billionaire, #200 on 2017 Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans.